Varsgen is deployed via a secured cloud. It can also be deployed on premise.

Transaction Risk Scores

Varsgen runs your selected transactions against a global database comprising billions of transactions. Global merchants including Fortune 100 and independent online stores generate this extensive fraud data. Merchants can flexibly set the appropriate risk per transaction. These results happen virtually instantaneously and do not slow down an online transaction.

Secured Communication.

Secure communication. Patented out of band transaction verification platform. This system is immune to man in the middle virus attacks and simple SMS forwarding and phishing attacks. The system has unlimited scalability and can be embedded directly into merchant e-commerce sites.


Tokenization without security is formula for failure. Our system doesn’t use randomly generated tokens; which are susceptible to data overload attacks. Varsgen's patented technology assigns a variable string to denote an individual transaction. These tokens help with challenging chargebacks. So, keep your tokens for the subways and video games.

Geolocation and IP Risk Tools

Varsgen can identify when an IP is mismatched with buyers billing address. Our geolocation tools adds confidence that your products are going to your customers.

Address Validation

A valid address helps to reduce fraud and theft. Varsgen validates addresses anywhere in the world as well as help customers auto complete during online order placement.

Our patents.

The Varsgen Patent Portfolio:

Financial Services

Varsgen's financial account verification platform uses a contact point-based variable string generating algorithm system. The system communicates directly and nearly instantaneously with the specific account holder during a financial transaction, accessing specific transaction information through string variable searching processes as well as the account holder’s contact point. Receipt of a transaction verification request instantaneously sets off an event chain that includes sending a request to the account holder profile contact point and requiring reply from the exact contact point in addition to the transaction information verification steps. For a merchant the benefits are secure transactions and important charge back data collected.

Varsgen's digital communication platform with its variable string algorithm system permits direct messaging with the transaction account holder to ensure such transactions are proper, and not divulging account information. This incredibly reliable system is unique because the contact point verification activities flow through a digital communication platform without any need for input of account or account holder information.

Cloud Data Security

Varsgen's second patent enables secure providing verifications to access stored data programs within a cloud server. The method is operated through the implementation of a specific algorithm that permits a cloud server to communicate directly, reliably, safely, and nearly instantaneously with an individual (or his or her proxy) (at multiple contact points) for verification purposes in relation to an established data program stored within the cloud server.

Varsgen's cloud data security verifications permit quick and reliable access to cloud programs. Varsgen's other cloud security protocol utilizes a contact point verification methodology; the safety and reliability of which is unmatched in the market. No input from the cloud user is needed for authentication or access.

Other Patents Pending

Varsgen has numerous other patents pending covering such important topics as identity verification, logistics, and scheduling.