The Product Suite

Varsgen offers a set of products that detect and prevent
Card Not Present fraud; while keeping you connected to your customers.


The Varsgen Defender scores online transactions using a variety of risk attributes such as:


Address Validation

Email and email tenure

IP address

Device tracking

Transaction history and

Many other factors.

Unlike other FinTech fraud tools, Varsgen is flexible. Merchants can select which transactions to reject or accept by country, by payment type and so on. We even offer merchants there own negative database to prevent repeated offenders.

Varsgen's fraud network represents over a billion transactions generated by global merchants ranging from Fortune 100 to independent online stores.


The Varsgen Authenticator can be used to authenticate customer identities and for smart communication with customers.

Varsgen uses its patented token technology along with SMS and email to further authenticate customer’s identity and devices.

Device Tracking

The device tracking add-on for Varsgen Services identifies devices as they move across networks and enhances the ability of Varsgen services to detect fraud.

Device tracking follows the trail of fraudsters making illegitimate purchases.


Varsgen Complete offers the merchant a set of reports with insights to stay ahead of the fraudsters.

This service includes chargeback support to help your team stay on task and not get buried in the paperwork and administration of chargebacks.

Communications Platform

Merchants today need to know their customers. Customers today want communications from merchants that build trust.

The Varsgen Communication package allows seamless, secure digital global communication with intuitive decision rules built in.

"No Fly" List

Varsgen creates a "no fly" list for each specific merchant. This "no fly" list protects merchants even when fraudsters use different country code top level domains.