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Submit a new Shopify Merchant Referral and it will be added to your account upon approval. (24 hours) Varsgen will not contact your merchant unit after they've signed up for the product and require support.

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Your approved referrals display here for your tracking. To submit a new referral for approval, use the New Referral tab.

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As a Partner/Affiliate you can use your own affiliate code to capture more Varsgen referral payouts. There are several ways to execute.

Copy and paste this Referral URL link into an email and send it to your Shopify merchants, chat, or place it on your website. Anyone who visits your link will be attributed to your partner account.

The referral URL generator will allow you to create new campaigns against different pages within our website that you want your referrals to land on.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Direct Links allow approved partners to put a Varsgen link on their website. If a potential Varsgen user clicks on the direct link, you will get credit for that referral.

Any traffic coming to Varsgen from this website will be attributed to your partner account. Please submit your website below for approval.

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