Card Not Present Fraud is
Costing Merchants Billions.

Our solution is simple and flexible.

Designed by merchants for merchants, Varsgen is easy to implement. Varsgen offers simple and effective tools that any size merchant in any part of the world can use. Our unique and patented decision making communication platform enables merchants to grow, retain and expand their customer relationships. More than just a fraud detection and prevention tool, Varsgen builds trust with your customers, via secure communication.
Our API also makes it easy to tie into the most popular e commerce solutions today. Varsgen believes companies and customers have the right to communicate securely and to transact business safely in today’s complex digital world. We look forward to learning more about your specific needs and how we might help.

Meet The Team

We are ready to help you.

Michael Connolly – CEO & Co Founder
Steve Bauer – Digital Payments Advisor
Chuck Carter – Board Member
Michael Hanson – Advisor
Taylor Peake– CTO
Terry Ray – Advisor
David Short – Payments Advisor
Paulo Teixeira – Board Member

Fraudster: not part of our team.